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Why You should use DarkSSH?

Faster Speed

DarkSSH provides the best server for you. You'll feel a new experience that you will not find anywhere else.


DarkSSH is always free. You not need to spend money to use the services from DarkSSH.

With love

DarkSSH Managed by our dedicated team that consistently strives to ensure top-notch service maintenance.
DarkSSH not use any logs to monitor your activity. We can ensure the security of your data is maintained.


Several advantages of buying a data package on this website

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Tips for Buying an Internet Package?

Everyone has a need to use the internet. Therefore, choose before buying an internet quota that suits your different needs . For example, if the internet is only used for social media and chatting, then it is enough to buy a 1GB to 2GB information package. However, if you aim to download files, stream videos, watch films, of course you have to choose a larger internet package or choose a streaming quota.

The meaning of FUP is a reasonable consumption limit. FUP is a policy made by providers to users as a limit on internet consumption. If you use the internet beyond the approved FUP limit, your internet speed will continue to be slow or slow. For example, unlimited internet packages usually have certain FUP requirements. This means that each internet package within one provider has a different FUP policy. Not only that, one provider and another provider also have different FUP limits. Universally the application of FUP limits is every month or every day.

My Axisnet

Silahkan masukan nomor dan OTP axis anda, atau kirim OTP terlebih dahulu jika belum punya

Key features

Many features that you can use by using our Server

Private Accounts

Create your SSH VPN account with the username and password as desired.

Faster Connection

Our servers make your internet speed faster with a very small PING so you will be comfortable surfing the internet.

Freedom Access

Access to all sites on the internet without being blocked by your internet provider, free access to YouTube, Facebook and more.

Free Server

You are free to create a Tunneling account at any time on this website for free.

Risk Free

When you use offices, internet cafes, other public places, your connection will remain secure by using our servers.

Always Online

Our servers are online 24 hours and our servers have unlimited bandwidth, making you comfortable using them every day.